Hey! I’m Arun

I'm a product designer, engineer, photographer, and writer.

I was most recently co-founder and product designer at Carrot Fertility, a company offering fertility and family forming benefits to industry leaders like Discord, NBA, Netflix, Spotify, Stripe, and Zoom.

Before that I’ve worked as a designer and engineer at other startups, usually beginning at an early stage.

I'm an alumnus of Columbia University and the South Park Commons.

On weekends, I write this blog and newsletter, travel with my wife and kids, run and bike and take photographs.

I write a visually-rich blog that dives deep into how design and technology shape our lives. Common topics include industrial design, design history, technology trends, photoessays of travels, and guides to create and live thoughtfully.

My essays have been featured by Benedict Evans, Boing Boing, Daring Fireball, Design Milk, Gear Patrol, Hodinkee, Morning Brew, Smashing Magazine, and more.


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Every month or so I send out a more personal version of this blog with glances into my life, works in progress, and notifications about new essays. No advertisements. No sponsors. No spam.

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About this site

Nearly everything is designed in Figma (occasionally Photoshop). Photographs are processed in Lightroom. Under the hood, the site is built using Gatsby, React, and Tailwind. Words are written in MDX and typeset in Inter and IBM Plex Mono. It’s all hosted on Netlify.

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