2022 Holiday giveaway

2022 Holiday giveaway

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Happy New Year!

As a celebration, I’d like to share some of the things I love. I’m doing a little giveaway.

Please fill out this form to enter. The form also has some questions about my work. Your feedback will help with my future writing.

Keep reading for a list of the prizes and a complete set of rules.


MasterClass Plus 1-year subscription

I recently subscribed to MasterClass and have loved it so far. I often want to watch video content to cool down or take a break but find it challenging to filter the signal from the noise on sites like YouTube. That’s where MasterClass comes in. It’s a curated source of inspiration with more depth than TED and the like.


Helvetica Letterpress Mini-Poster

This print was designed by Build to celebrate one my favorite documentaries, Helvetica.

The t-shirts, posters, and other goods I’ve purchased from Oh You Pretty Things have brought me so much happiness. I hope this print brings you some as well.


Day One 1-year subscription

I’ve been using Day One for quite a few years. I include thoughts, creative musings, and photos in my journal every day.

The “On This Day” feature lets me look back at my thoughts from years past. It helps me see how I’ve changed and how I’ve stayed the same.

day one

Non ◦ Sound Meditation 1-year subscription

Non generatively produces soundscapes that I regularly meditate to. Each experience is different depending on my preferences, the time of day, my movement, and more.


Field Notes Group Eleven (three notebooks)

Field Notes book on my desk functions as a scratchpad and to-do list. I have found the form factor to be perfect for my uses. I’ve had my eye on the Group Eleven set for some time.

field notes

Reeder 5

Reeder is the best RSS reader for Apple Devices. I’ve been using it since the first version. Coupled with Feedbin, it provides a pleasurable and efficient way of following blogs, YouTube channels, and newsletters. I even wrote in detail about my workflow previously.


Bird Alone

I have yet to play Bird Alone, but it has been on my list for some time. It’s not a game as much as it’s experiential art. In it, you “become best friends with the loneliest bird in the world” and answer their questions “about life, death and the meaning of existence.”

bird alone

Blind Drive

Blind Drive is a game you can experience with your eyes closed. In the story, you’re blindfolded and must drive against traffic. The game requires only two buttons and sends all feedback through your headphones. The result is an inventive take on game controls.

blind drive

Song of Bloom for iPhone / iPad

Philipp Stollenmayer, the creator of Song of Bloom, describes it as “an intense narrative puzzle game.” It’s a non-linear game that utilizes nearly all the capabilities of the smartphone it’s played on.

song of bloom


Florence continues to be one of my favorite games. I find it the perfect balance of art, music, emotion, and story.


Full rules

  1. Entry is free and open to entrants worldwide.
  2. To enter, you need to fill out the form and provide a valid email address.
  3. The giveaway starts on January 7, 2022, at 6 am PST, and ends on January 14, 2022, at 6 am PST.
  4. Ten winners will be selected at random and contacted by email. They will receive the highest remaining prize from their priority list as indicated on the form. Otherwise, they will receive the highest value remaining item.
  5. If I’m unable to send a prize to a winner (for example if the store doesn’t ship to a particular country), I’ll find an alternative from the list of prizes that can be sent.

Thanks to Q for reading drafts of this.

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